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The 2nd International Symposium for One Health Research
in China (ISOHRC)

In the past three decades, with the globalization of the economy and the convenience of personnel exchange, the infectious diseases spread rapidly cross border and in long distances, so regional diseases globalized has been a new normalcy of epidemic, such as SARS firstly occurred in China, MERS in mid-east Asia, ZIKA epidemic in Americas and Ebola in Africa. All these could emerge promptly in other countries or regions even though thousands of miles away. Proposed by China in recent years, the Belt and Road Initiative which involves some countries and regions with high risk of infectious diseases not only brings rapid growth of personnel, logistics, capital flows along the countries, but also brings suitable conditions for cross-border and long-distance transmission, increasing the risk of the import or export of infectious diseases. Therefore, how to control it effectively has become the indispensable point in carrying out this strategy.

Currently, about 1,500 infectious diseases were reported worldwide, over 70% of which could be traced back to animals and vectors. Hence, how to control diseases effectively and strengthen valid surveillance and prediction of human-animal-environment interfaces has become a global concern. Nowadays, the One Health Concept is generated which emphasizes the interdisciplinary, trans-regional, trans-national multilevel collaborations. It plays a key role in confronting and solving the threat of infectious diseases, and is widely praised by scientists at home and abroad. What’s more, it has been decided November 3rd as One Health Day since 2016. In addition, the National Health and Family Planning Commission of China has also proposed applying One Health Concept to tackle emerging infectious diseases and zoonosis, which provides an unprecedented opportunity for One Health practice in China.

Here, we organize and hold this symposium specifically to promote the development of Chinese and global One Health research as well as the communication and collaborations among regions or countries, and establish a high level of cooperation platform and mechanism.

Theme: One Health, and The Belt and Road Initiative

Purpose: To promote and apply the One health strategy to control infectious diseases, and promote international collaborations of One health research,


1) Emerging Infectious Diseases and Vector-Borne Diseases

2) Control of Severe Infectious Diseases, including AIDS, Hepatitis and Tuberculosis

3) Antibiotic Resistance and Food-Borne Diseases

Scale: 200-250.

Time: November 8-10, 2017, 8th registration

Address: Sanyu Hotel at Guangzhou (NO. 23, Sanyu Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou city, Guangdong province, China)

Host: Sun Yat-sen University

Co-host: Guangdong Provincial center for diseases control and prevention, South China Agriculture University, and Guangdong Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau

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